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Rhythm&Timbre is a passion born to match another passion. It's good aesthetics, meets good music, meets functionality.

We are a small Australian brand and business, born out of the desire to create a new way of looking at musical instruments. We strongly believe that amazing music isn’t just meant to be heard, it is also meant to be seen.

This is why we strive to create musical instrument storage furniture that is as beautiful as the music it houses, with each piece designed around the very essence of what makes an instrument so special. We aim to make our products more than just furniture, we want them to be an extension of your life and passions.

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Our Mission

To help musicians showcase their instruments and display their creativity in their living spaces. Whether you are a music enthusiast who enjoys collecting instruments or a professional musician who needs functional storage for your instruments, our products are designed for you.

Our musical instrument storage solutions are not just pieces of furniture, but rather precious companions for musicians of all skill levels who just want their instruments within arm’s reach.

Our Vision

At Rhythm & Timbre®, we aim to be part of every musician's journey through our musical instrument furniture and inspire them to continue their passion in music.

We believe that this is the best way to encourage musicians to practice more, create more and inspire others. When you can see your instruments every day, it inspires you to pick them up and play. It is like a ritual that reminds you to make music every day.