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AltaTrak - Wood Guitar Rack V2

The Rhythm & Timbre AltaTrak Guitar Stand is an elegantly designed wood guitar rack with Italian & Japanese inspirations.

Made of eco-friendly mango hardwood and stained in two colour options. The market leading, sturdy design uses our patented "A-Frame" structure. This is the updated design, which has been iterated with customer suggestions for a highly configurable layout options for all guitar collections. The AltaTrak also has a number of additional accessories to further customised to suit you.


We heard your feedback on our Version 1 Altatrak Rack design, and went back to the drawing board. This is our new and improved Version 2 design - iterated and improved for extra enjoyment and guitar safety. Our Guitar Separators are now made of the same quality wood as the rest of the rack, and we've also made them available to purchase on their own for our Version 1 customers looking to upgrade their set-up.

Available Accessories sold separately:


Why You'll Love it

Display your passion in music: Elevate your guitar display game with our unique guitar rack, and even add that extra personal touch with customizable styling accessories.

Keep your guitar safe: Our A-Frame design ensures stability with three points of contact, keeping your prized instruments secure and preventing accidental falls.

Superior Storage Versatility: Whether it's acoustic, electric, or even guitar cases and bags, our rack can handle it all, accommodating up to 4 comfortable and 5 maximum acoustic guitars, or 5 comfortable and 7 maximum electric guitars.

Straightforward Assembly: No need to be a DIY expert. We provide clear instructions, and all parts are labeled for easy assembly using bolts.

Gift Packaging: Unlike other options, our guitar stand comes in a high-quality gift box, making it a perfect present for special occasions or Christmas.

Australian Owned: We're not just a business; we're a small, passionate team that loves our products and customers. Support local craftsmanship with Rhythm & Timbre.

Care guide

We reccomend, every month just giving your guitar rack a quick wipe down with a cloth, to keep the dust away and our wood finish looking great.

Assembly Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the AltaTrak Guitar Rack packaging all bolts and tools are included to assemble the guitar rack.

Assembly is straight forward and guided by our assembly instructions, which you can find here.

The Altatrak Guitar Rack is packaged within a giftable box that contains all the pieces and instructions.

The gift box is enclosed within a protective shipping box, which protects the product box during shipments to your. This enables the product box to remain pristine and be able to be giftable.

The AltaTrak 5 Guitar Rack can hold a maximum of 7 electric guitars or 5 accoustic guitars. However this is the maximum amount and we reccomend leaving adequate spacing between guitars.

In addition it is able to hold certain guitar cases.

The Altatrak Guitar Rack has been designed with market leading stability in mind, using the patented A-Frame design.

The bottom of the Altatrak Guitar Rack contains EVA foam for protection. As part of the design the bottom holds most of the weight of each guitar. In addition as both a style piece and for extra protection we offer our Cloth Covers.

The top part of the Altatrak Guitar Rack is covered with EVA foam where each of the guitar necks gently rest. The top part also contains our dividers which in the event of a knock stop each guitar from hitting another guitar.


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