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G'day, welcome to the Rhythm & Timbre, Mudenza installation guide.

We are an Australian online business with a love for music, never ending music gadgets, instruments, and accessories. We try very hard to iterate, improve and grow our brand to as many fellow music lovers. Your experience truly matters to us, and we consistently read reviews and seek feedback.
We have compiled the below as a general installation guide, however we strongly recommend you consult a professional to ensure a secure mounting for your prized possessions.

⚠️ Please note that currently in one of our Mudenza production batches, we have had a rare issue with the inner and outer pieces sticking together. Please reach out to us via theContact Us page or socials and we will send a direct replacement.

Part 1: Unpack, Plan and Measure

Part 2: Wall Mounting

Step 7 - Mark Drill Holes

✏️ Once a suitable location has been identified, use a pencil/marker through the two mounting holes in the outer wall hanger to mark the two drill marks.

Step 8 - Drill Holes

🪛 Use a drill to drill two holes suitable for the selected mounting hardware. For brick surfaces, a hammer drill may be required.

⚠️ Please consult or use a professional.

Step 9 - Outer Hanger Mounting

🔩 Utilising the chosen mounting hardware, attach the outer wall
hanger onto the target surface.

⚠️ Please consult or use a professional.

Step 10 - Outer Hanger Secure

The two mounting points, with applicable mounting hardware
ensure a secure fit.

⚠️ Please consult or use a professional.

Part 3: Assembly & Fitment

Step 11 - Inner Pieces

The inner wall hanger pieces consist of two guitar supports, the inner wall hanger and applicable hardware.

Step 12 - Inserts Holders

Insert the first guitar support piece into the slot in the inner wall hanger. Repeat for the other guitar support piece.

Step 13 - Secure Holders

Insert two of the supplied bolts into each of the guitar support pieces from the back, and securely tighten using the allen key provided. Do not overtighten.

Step 14 - Inner Wall Hanger

The inner guitar wall hanger piece is complete and is ready to be inserted into the outer guitar wall hanger piece.

Step 15 - Inner & Outer

Insert the inner guitar wall hanger piece into the outer piece, which has been securely mounted onto the wall.

Step 16 - Secure Loosely

Insert the included bolt into the centre, and loosely tighten.

This will enable to inner piece to still rotate.

Step 17 - Desired Rotation

The hanger is designed to rotate to suit different head stocks. Holding the guitar, rotate the inner piece to a desired rotation.

Step 18 - Securing

Once the desired rotation has been selected, tighten the central
bolt. Do not overtighten, the bolt does not take the full weight, but simply ensure the inner piece does not pop out.

Still have Questions or Feedback?

Please for anything else, please reach out to us via the contact form and we’ll answer your questions as soon as we can.