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December 10, 2022 3 min read

Cheerful multiethnic friends playing guitar together

Wondering how to get your guitar tuned without feedback
or how to fix a guitar strap button? Then this article is for you!
Here are some constructive hacks and tricks that some of our
in-house luthiers have learned over the years on how to assist with
minor annoyances. The best thing about these guitar hacks is that
the supplies you need are easily found in your house - or can be
found in your junk drawer! 






Close up shot of acoustic guitar. Strings, sound hole , bridge, pickguard

Hack #1

Shockingly Simple Solution

If you’re hearing a snap, crackle or pop when you touch your
guitar’s pickguard, it could mean that there’s a lot of static
electricity built up. This should be taken care of. It might sound
crazy, but you can use a dryer sheet to get rid of static build-up
on your guitar. As long as you’re in the laundry room anyway,
it might also leave your guitar smelling fresh.




Acoustic guitar neck with a capo

Hack #2

Retune after putting a capo on

Place a capo on the guitar and clip on a tuner. Making fine adjustments to the tuning, be sure to note that the tunings of cords will be affected.
The use of a capo can have an effect on the intonation of your guitar. It will only affect the tuning slightly, and certain aspects will depend on the capo you choose, your guitar, and its strings.







Ad-Hoc Humidifier

Hack #3

Make an Ad-Hoc Humidifier

Acoustic guitars are very sensitive to low humidity and need to be kept properly humidified
in dry climates and during cold winters. You can easily make a humidifier using a sponge and plastic bag. Take half of a cellulose sponges, soak it in water then squeeze it out so that no water is dripping.

If you neglect to store your guitar in its case, it might leak or develop other damage. Always store it upright and facing upwards with the opening facing up.




Used guitar strings on electric guitar

Hack #4

Reuse Guitar Strings

Used guitar strings do not have to be discarded straight away. They may be boiled and reused if they are not damaged and the ends are still long enough to wind them back on. This was common practice "back in the day," and it is still used in various parts of the world nowadays. Boiling the strings will remove dirt and oil buildup and extend their playing life.
But note, that this hack will not remove the accumulated wear and kinks in the strings.





Hack #5 

Keep your instruments safe with guitar racks

The guitar rack is an important piece of equipment for any guitarist. It not only provides a place to store your guitar, but it also provides a place to rest your guitar when you’re not playing.

There are many types of racks depending on what size and shape your guitar is. The rack also has other features that can be helpful for the guitarist. There are also many different types of guitars that come with a variety of styles and sizes. The rack will depend on the guitar and its size.



Man playing guitar ate home


We hope you found some useful guitar hacks that will add to your list of how to keep your guitar from damage. To know more about the latest trends in the best guitar racksguitar standsguitar holders for walls, and guitar stand accessorieswe recommend following our blog and joining our mailing list for all the latest trends.

You can meanwhile check our online store for guitar standsracks, and accessories, and order them sitting at home. If you need to buy anything related to guitars or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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