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December 10, 2022 4 min read

In this article, we will discuss guitar care and guitar maintenance for your acoustic or electric guitar. You’ll learn why it’s important to have a special place to keep your guitars safe. 

When you own an instrument, it’s a natural desire to want to display your prize and keep it within easy reach for play. Yes, you could store them in a gig bag, but that adds one more step to the process.

There are a few reasons why keeping your guitar out of its case can be advantageous. First, it allows your instrument to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the room, which can help to prevent warping and other damage. Additionally, it gives you easy access to your guitar so that you can play it more often. And finally, keeping your guitar out of its case helps it to stay in tune more easily. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your guitar in good condition and sounding its best, consider keeping it out of its case.

We will also mention that your guitar collection showcases who you are and it is always a pleasure to view their beauty.

The above are just some of the benefits, so finding the best guitar stand (or best guitar rack, if you have multiple instruments) for your needs is definitely our recommendation - always help in having creativity at hand and motivation to play your beloved instrument.



Where is the best place to store a guitar?

One of the best ways to store guitars is in a room or closet near the center of the building rather than one near an outside wall. This ensures a more level temperature. We reccomend this is especially followed if you live in an area with extreme climatic conditions. A humidifier is a good idea during dry winter months.




Ways to protect guitars from damage

Guitar Stands and Racks

Without a doubt, the most common option for displaying guitars is in the form of floor-mounted standalone racks and stands.

They’re available in various shapes, sizes and configurations, making them an accessible and budget-friendly option. 

A good guitar stand will be able to hold the weight of the instrument and it should also have some sort of support for the neck of the guitar. It is also a good idea to consider what type of finish you want on your guitar stand; there are many different finishes available from glossy and matte.

Additional considerations should be the material from which the guitar rack is made from, easy of assembly, storage capacity (including guitar cases) and of course looks.

We at Rhythm & Timbre of course sell what we think is an amazing guitar rack,
however shop around as everyone has a specific style and budget.




Guitar Hangers

If you have ever been to a guitar store, you’re no doubt familiar with
the sight of a plethora of instruments hanging from the wall, waiting
for their new owner to claim them.

Guitar hangers take up less space
and can also help make your guitar to be the work of art in the room.

However, without constant care, this solution is prone to dust-gathering
and has minimal protection from the elements. One additional downside of having guitar hangers is the need to physically attach them into the walls, which at times may be either difficult or not allowed in your living situation.

One thing to pay attention in guitar hangers is that you select one that is the correct size for your guitar neck with adequate protection and padding. In addition if your guitar neck is on an angle, then some guitar hangers may not work with your guitar. 



If you’re looking for the best online store to find your dream guitar storage solution, then Rhythm & Timbre could be the perfect option.

At Rhythm & Timbre we manufacture guitar racks and hangers so obviously we’re big advocates for this method of guitar storage. Displaying your instrument offers a number of benefits.

Hanged Guitars in Musical Shop


Elevating your instrument off the floor keeps your practice, work and/or living space clean and organized. Your instrument is a work of art, why not display it as such. Nothing adds to the decor of a room like the elegance of a guitar. 

Our unique line of guitar hangers will compliment your instrument beautifully and give that extra "wow" factor to your display. To learn more about our hangers please visit our Guitar Hanger area.



Please note, whether using a guitar stand, rack or guitar hanger, there are many factors that need to be taken into account when storing your guitar for the long term. These include the humidity, temperature and light intensity of the environment. It’s important to keep these in mind as our weather can fluctuate drastically throughout the year, which can cause fluctuations in these factors.

For guitars with nitro finishes, we still strongly recommend that these precious instruments are stored in guitar cases. 

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