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    December 01, 2022 3 min read

    Top 5 Guitar Blogs You Should Follow Today

    Illustration of guitar in laptop

    Guitar players are always looking for new ways to improve their skills
    and knowledge about their instruments.
    One of the best ways to improve your guitar playing is to follow
    educational blogs. That way you can figure out everything
    from tuning your guitar to playing a certain chord in different styles
    of music. They also provide reviews of guitars, amplifiers,
    and accessories that can help make your playing experience
    more enjoyable and effective.

    There's no denying that the internet has made it easy for us to find
    all sorts of musicians through search engines and social media.



    Illustration of guitar's head-stock
    The following list contains five of the best guitar blogs of 2022, curated by our expert team chosen by their comprehensiveness and availability of useful features. The chosen sites cover various different types, aspects of guitars
    such as electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass guitars.
    They also have a wide range of topics that they cover such as music news, gear reviews, and more.
    Therefore, if you need more information about playing your guitar, these are the blogs you should turn to first.





    Guitar World
    Guitar World

    Even if you're not a guitar enthusiast, you might still be familiar
    with Guitar World as it has become an iconic magazine across
    the globe. This is the internet's leading site for guitar lessons
    and reviews. It contains everything you need to know about
    music production and is the perfect tool for people new to it.





    Guitar Noise
    Guitar Noise

    Guitar Noise is almost similar to Guitar World. It is a perfect site
    for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar.
    However, most of the tutorials here are through podcasts.
    Therefore, you have to stay updated if you want to listen live
    and interact with its resident teacher, David Hodge.    





    Justin Guitar
    Justin Guitar

    JustinGuitar is among the most popular guitar tutorial sites today
    that offers free guitar tutorials. For 15 years, JustinGuitar has been
    providing thousands of guitar enthusiasts all they need to know,
    including tutorials and an online catalog of chords and lyrics
    from popular songs!




    Music Zoo
    Music  Zoo

    Music Zoo is an online store that specializes in electric guitars.
    What makes them unique is they offer rare units of guitars,
    something other stores don't have. You can find the legendary
    Jackson USA Signature Mick Thomson Soloist here. Moreover,
    they share news and updates about the latest musical events
    and performances with their audience.





    Premier Guitar

    Premier Guitar is an online site with all the necessary resources
    for guitars and related gear. You might not find the same kind of
    tutorials that you'd see on some guitar blogs, but they have a
    good rundown of important, latest guitar and bass models that
    are in the market today. This publication is also a go-to place
    for any guitar-related news and has been helping guitarists find
    new ways to stay on top of their game.





    All these guitar blogs are your ideal options for you to check out if you need some
    inspiration to continue on your progress and can provide useful information on how to
    improve your guitar skills. In short, these guitar blogs are worth following for all time.

    Beyond these five blogs, we would also recommend following our blog and joining
    our mailing list for all the latest trends in the best guitar racks, guitar stands,
    and guitar holders for walls. You can also find tips on how to protect the instruments
    from scratching or any other damage that could happen
    if they were not taken care of properly. 

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