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AltaTrak - Guitar Seperators (Mahogany)

Introducing the Rhythm & Timbre – AltaTrak Solid Wood Guitar Separators – Elevate Your Guitar Rack with Premium Craftsmanship!

🎸 Perfect for AltaTrak Version 1 Owners: An alternative option exclusively designed for AltaTrak Version 1 owners seeking an upgrade.

🎸 Upgrade to Solid Wood: Replace your current plastic guitar separators with our premium solid wood variant, crafted from exquisite mahogany.

🎸 Set of 10 Mahogany Separators: Each package includes 10 solid wood, mahogany guitar separators, ensuring you have enough to enhance your guitar rack.

🎸 Effortless Replacement: Enjoy a direct, no-hassle replacement process. Upgrade your AltaTrak rack with ease, elevating its aesthetics and functionality.